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LiveForward’s Competitive Advantage…Community Development, not Just Project Delivery

For most developers the name of the game is fundamentals only…money in, money out. That is, the basics of project costs, risks, and profit alone drive decision making and therefore the project itself suffers from a lack of character, authenticity, and quality. Often this limited focus on a low cost/high-yield ratio creates a value deficit that is reflected in uninspired design and project scale that is out of proportion with the existing neighborhood. For most developers, only the bare minimum of design integrity is applied to a project because to fully engage in the process is perceived to be an expense gain and revenue loss exercise.

LiveForward believes there is a better way. We imagine project success stemming from an ambition to not only integrate a project’s scale to be seamless within a neighborhood but to also foster an architectural character that advances the positive energy of a street and community. To accomplish this ambitious task, we believe a successful project requires integrity and intentionality throughout the process.

From the moment a potential site is identified through project delivery, LiveForward focuses on the details that ensure quality, scale, and innovation. We ask ourselves the hard questions…Will this project improve the neighborhood? Will this development enhance the streetscape and co-exist with existing structures? Will this building produce a minimal carbon footprint? Will the residents of this community feel a sense of calmness and relief upon entering the lobby space?

To be sure, our team understands and closely monitors the fundamentals as well…equity and debt must be raised and serviced, construction budgets created and managed, projects delivered, etc. No new building can be considered successful unless strong financial returns are generated upon completion. We believe that the strength and longevity of our partnerships with investors and lender collaborators speaks to our reliability to generate revenue and create abundant net yield.

However, LiveForward believes in a “whole-life” approach to project delivery. We believe a successful development is only as strong as its weakest link, therefore ALL aspects of site and building design must be addressed early, often, and comprehensively. With numerous projects nearing the construction phase and others on the drawing board our team can’t wait to inspire a new era of urban living in downtown Phoenix.


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